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New Tutorial Video! Photographing the World : Landscape Photography and Post-processing

After 6 months of production both in the field and in the studio, I’m thrilled to finally announce the release of my first video with Fstoppers, Photographing The World: Landcape Photography and Post-processing! What has been a labor of love has also been one of the most challenging and demanding projects that I’ve ever taken on. The production value is off the charts and I’m so proud of what … [Read More...]

Filming Around the World in 80 Days with Fstoppers

If you’ve been following me on Social Media for the past few months, you’ve no doubt noticed that I’ve been posting tons of behind the scenes photos about a project I’m working on with Fstoppers. In truth, it would probably be more accurate to say that it’s the only thing I’ve been talking about on Social Media besides the new launch of Dream Photo Tours. But, to make a short story long, now that … [Read More...]

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PPE 2015 Fujifilm Speaking Event

Oct. 22nd & 23rd, 2015 || Fujifilm Speaking Event
Join me in the Big Apple this October as I take to the Fujifilm stage during the annual Photoplus Expo. I’ll be giving two talks discussing landscape and travel photography with a brief overview of the post-processing techniques I use in creating my imagery.

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Photography Workshop in Fiji with FSTOP Lounge

October 29th-31st, 2015 || Mana Island, Fiji
Join myself and 7 other master photographers for an exciting and fun three day workshop on the incredible Mana Island off the coast of Fiji! During this immersive three day workshop, you’ll learn to improve your landscape, travel, portrait & macro photography.

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Photokina 2014

I’m excited to say that I had the esteemed pleasure of attending and speaking at Photokina 2014, the world’s largest bi-annual imaging fair, from Tuesday, September 16th to Sunday, September 21st September in Cologne, Germany. I want to thank Fujifilm and Wacom for inviting me to speak and everyone who made this week so incredible. I enjoyed every moment of it!

Review | 20 Countries with Fujifilm X-Series Cameras

Since May 2013, I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Fujifilm X-Series Cameras (X-E1, X-E2, and X-T1) and XF lenses in more than 20 different countries worldwide. Dozens of images and countless cups of coffee later, Here’s my complete review.

Sleeping Giants | Mt Bromo Indonesia

Sleeping Giants | Mt Bromo Indonesia Surely, I must be staring at some strange and fascinating alien world… Watching the stars dance above this extraordinary landscape. There are only a few places on our beautiful planet that I would be so confident to call otherworldly. Fewer still that can impose such a profound sense of […]