Adobe announces full raw photo editing in Lightroom Mobile for iOS devices!

Welcome to one of the biggest game changers in mobile photography history as Adobe announces fully integrated raw photo editing in Lightroom for iOS!

Moments In Time | Photography and Post-Processing Workshop | NYC

A Photography and Post-processing Workshop with Elia Locardi From the perceptual, to the traditional, to the digital, learn the photography and post-processing techniques I use to help me capture specific moments in time and blend them together seamlessly into a single image. Learn the core concepts and techniques required to create truly impactful travel photography and maximize […]

The Fujifilm X-T2 – First Look and Hands On Review

Fujifilm just announced the new X-T2 Camera. Get all the details, read my in-depth complete review, and see the beautiful photos I captured in Greece.

How I Became Involved in Pro Aerial Drone Photography

From Then to Now | The Story of How I Became Heavily Involved in Professional Aerial Photography It’s amazing to think that in just a few short years, drone and UAV technology has evolved into such outstanding heights. And all throughout this time as these little marvels of personal aircraft technology have continued to get […]

Photographing Star Trails – The Celestial Equator and Polaris

Most of us are familiar with astrophotography these days as we continue to see more and more photos of the Milky Way and night sky all over the internet and social media. Similarly, star trails being incorporated into night photography has become very popular as well. Photographing the stars can yield beautiful results. Let’s examine some examples that help us capture awesome Astrophotography and star trails.

Gulf Photo Plus in Dubai

I’m very excited to be teaching two different 2-day workshops during the 2016 Gulf Photo Plus Event. One workshop is called, “Urban Landscapes and Post-processing,” and the other is called, “Desert Nightscapes and Post-processing.” Both focus on both in the field instruction as well as post-processing techniques.