Pipe Dreams || Art Of Stockholm Tunnelbana


The Stockholm Tunnelbana is full of visual surprises if you know how to look for them. It’s amazing to me that so many people breeze through these elaborately built stations on a daily basis without even a second glance. Then again, we as artists tend to look at the world in a completely different way. Having an artistic eye gives us the ability to find interesting things in everyday subjects; subjects that most people just overlook and/or classify as mundane.

Recent Publication || Photoshop User Magazine

Photoshop User Magazine Traveling Light Article Elia Locardi

Recent Publication || Photoshop User Magazine || July / August 2012 I was recently published in Photoshop User Magazine in an article about Traveling Light as a Photographer. They were also kind enough to let me post the entire page. The funny part is that at the time I wrote this article, I had flown […]

Behind The Scenes || Digital Photo Storage On The Road

Backup for Full Time Travel Photography

As a full time travel photographer, managing hard drive and storage space on the road can be tricky. If you travel and shoot as much as I do, the files are going to add up fast. While it’s typical to have a large storage backup solution at home, my travel schedule doesn’t allow me that luxury.

Dance Of Light || Singapore


From the first time I visited Singapore, I knew that it was going to become one of my favorite places for photography. Not only is it unique and beautiful city, but it’s also home to a wonderful community of very talented photographers. It’s truly a rare visual paradise that begs to be photographed. It’s no surprise that it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite destinations of all time. I’m literally drawn to it like a moth to a flame, or in this case, a moth to an awesome laser show. :)

The Hyangwon Pavilion in Seoul

Hyangwon Pavilion - (Seoul, South Korea)

Hyangwon Pavilion – A Rare Sky Replacement While in Seoul, I visited the Hyangwon Pavilion inside The Gyeongbok Palace, and I was really excited to shoot there. Unfortunately, when I arrived at the pavilion, the sun was completely tucked away behind a heavily clouded and overcast sky. Since the lighting was totally flat, I went […]

Path Of Angels

Path Of Angels - Rome - Ponte Sant Angelo

Daily Banana – Path Of Angels Though Rome is well known for it’s bridges, Ponte Sant’Angelo is by far my favorite. For a time it was called the Bridge of Hadrian because it was constructed by Roman Emperor Hadrian in 134 AD to span the Tiber, and connect the city center to Castel Sant’Angelo. Each […]