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Where Am I? Fujiyoshida, Japan
13 July, 2011

Visual Disorder

Today’s my birthday! If I pour coffee on my cake, does that make coffee cake? Hmmm…


I absolutely hate going to shopping malls. There has never been a moment in my life where I’ve thought, “Hey, let’s like go to the mall today. That’s like a totally super fun awesome thing to do.” “Like totally, like cool, like totally awesome, that’s like what I’ve like always like wanted to do!”

On the contrary, I’m more of a, “why the F@#$K would I want to go to the mall!? Could you please punch me in the face instead?” kinda guy.

That’s why I’m still surprised that I managed to spend an entire day inside of The Dubai Mall. Keep in mind that I didn’t buy anything either. — Coffee doesn’t count. — No clothes, shoes, nothing. I just stalked around with my 14-24mm lens, loving the strange & magnificent architecture.

Visual Disorder is a great name for today’s photo because no matter how much I stare at it, it makes no damn sense. I keep trying to squint my eyes and rotate my head in an attempt to fix the composition but nothing seems to work. It’s just plain bizarre.

For some more bizarre architecture, check out my Dubai Gallery.

Daily Banana – Visual Disorder

Visual Disorder - Dubai

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