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Where Am I? Hiroshima, Japan
6 June, 2011

Ponte Sant’Angelo

A good sense of misdirection:

I’m finally getting to know my way around Rome… So much so that after exiting the metro station, on the way to shoot Castel Sant’Angelo at sunset, I managed to walk 20 minutes in the wrong direction… Fail!

Needless to say I felt like a complete idiot because my original plan was to work around the area as the sun set, just as the city lights turned on. I wanted to capture the scene just before the last shades of red faded from the sky. Instead, I arrived at the bridge (Ponte Sant’Angelo) well into blue hour.

As luck would have it though, as night set in, the wind completely died, leaving the water face still as glass. So, instead of perfect lighting, I ended up with perfect reflections. I think it was an even trade.

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Daily Banana – Ponte Sant’Angelo

Ponte Sant'Angelo in Rome Italy

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  • john mclaughlin

    i think the reflection is awesome, a sunset is “easy” to get if you know what i mean, but still reflections are very hard to get as you mentioned with the wind etc. this is an awesome shot, a very quiet and cool feel, success!

    • blamethemonkey

      It was pure luck too… Looking back at the other versions of this shot, nearly all of them had turbulent reflections. This was the exception and it was also the comp I liked the best!