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Where Am I? Hiroshima, Japan
28 July, 2011

Belly Of The Beast

So there I was, late night, all alone, deep in the bowels of Stockholm’s (T Bana) metro system, setting up to take this shot of Solna Centrum, when all of a sudden this Swedish dude rushes up to me. He stammers, “What are you doing, taking pictures!?”

*(Now, I’m from South Florida & I basically grew up in Miami, so when someone approaches me like that, I automatically go into combat mode.)

I tense up, caught off guard, “Excuse me, yea? What do you want?”

“Oh sorry,” he says, looking apologetic, “I didn’t mean to startle you. I’m just really into photography & I’m a bit drunk. Want some wine!?”

He gingerly reaches down the front of his pants, pulls out a bottle of nearly finished red wine and brandishes it toward me, red liquid sloshing around and says, “Here, have some wine!”

I look at the wine, look at him, look at the wine again, “No thanks,” I say, “I’m more of a white wine kind of guy.”

“You sure?” He shrugs, smiles, and produces a small plastic cup. He pours in some wine and takes a sip, clearly satisfied with himself.

All I remember thinking was, “Where the hell did the cup come from!?” — Probably best to not know…

After a lot of interesting conversation about Sweden, photography, the Tunnel Bana system, and (of course) wine, we exchange email addresses and he continues on his way, headed to a nearby party.

You meet the strangest people in the metro at midnight…

Daily Banana – Belly Of The Beast

Belly of the Beast, Elia Locardi

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Armed with his camera, tripod, and no doubt a giant cup of coffee, photographer and writer, Elia Locardi traverses the globe full-time looking for interesting photographic opportunities and the stories that go along with capturing them. With each photograph, his goal is to share his vision with others so they can experience these places the way he does, full of color and emotion, depth and texture. He hopes to inspire people to travel for themselves, visit these beautiful locations, and to fall in love with the beauty of the world.
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  • Mark E Tisdale

    Wow – fantastic image! It feels like it was ripped straight out of a sci-fi movie, just too rich with detail to be real but obviously is! Well done!

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  • Angelo

    Your photos are really beautiful man, well done!
    I wish I was as travelled as you!

    G’day from Oz~

    • Elia Locardi

      Thanks Mate! I appreciate it!

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  • W Brian Duncan (AKA IPBrian)

    This is one of my favorite of your photo…sort of the subway meets Spawn. Amazing Elia!

    • Elia Locardi

      Subway meets Spawn. I like that. :)

  • Nicola Prisco

    Great pic, and nice story. I do love Swedish people even they are drunk :-)

    • Elia Locardi

      Thanks Nicola! Great to meet you the other day!

  • Leah

    It is frighteningly beautiful. I can’t help but get closer and closer to my monitor to examine it.

  • Drew

    Amazing journey you have taken so far. I am completely in awe and very envious too.

  • arthakker

    really cool site man, nice #hdr

  • Michael Scharna

    Really expressionant. Like a “Rolltreppe to hell” or so!

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  • Ariel

    I came back several times to this image since you posted it. Really like it.
    One question though – do you need some sort of permission to capture photos inside the metro stations in Stockholm ?

    • Elia Locardi

      As far as I know, no special permission is required to photograph the subway in Stockholm. Other places in Europe on the other hand, are a different story.