27 November, 2010

A Stunning View

The good old fashioned way.

Lets face it. Every tourist attraction has, well, tourists, lots of them; and there aren’t too many things that we can do about it. Sometimes having a few people in the shot adds to the composition and enhances the mood. However, in all circumstances, the woman eating the bean burrito in the corner has to go. Lets take a few moments to go over our options.

We Could:
– Get up early and visit locations before anyone is awake (very effective).
– Go in the off season or during bad weather days (also effective).
– Yell fire and watch everyone flee in panic (my personal favorite).

These are all useful options but sometimes we have no choice but to do it the Good Old Fashioned Way and Clone Them Out! — Check out the woman on the left as she just disappears! All hail the art form that is the ‘Photoshop Clone Stamp’.

Daily Banana – A Stunning View

(move the slider to compare before and after)
[beforeafter] HDR[/beforeafter]
About the Author

Elia Locardi is an internationally acclaimed professional travel photographer, writer, public speaker and highly skilled educator who spends his life seeking out and capturing some of the most beautiful and inspirational locations in the world. Recently featured by Professional Photographer Magazine, CNet Australia, and Wacom USA, Elia has cultivated a highly engaged social media following of nearly 3 million people across Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram. On the road full-time, he teaches the Art of Photography here on www.BlameTheMonkey.com, collaborates with various brands, sponsors and tourism boards, and leads Photography Tours and Post-processing Workshops worldwide.

  • john mclaughlin

    i can see the difference you made with the cloning, strong work!

  • I love your work and I had been learning from you since I start to fallow you. Thank you for all the great inputs. I would love to see more of your flow work.

    • Hi Cintia, thanks for the comment! I’ll be releasing new tutorials this year, so stay tuned. 🙂

  • Allwyn Stanley

    Lovely work 🙂

  • Hi Elia
    I haven’t tried HDR as yet but have been truly inspired by your images to get stuck in.
    My only reservation of which I have only seen on 1 of your images{ Daily banana a stunning view} is the sort of light halo effect
    between the buildings and the sky . Is this effect unavoidable on some images when shooting HDR.
    I did notice quite a lot of Ken Kaminesky images had this effect. It’s something that would annoy me but is this acceptable in HDR photography.
    Please don’t think I’m being critical it’s purely an observation on my part.
    Look forward to hearing from you


    • Hi Alan,

      What you’re seeing is an old style of processing; a style that we haven’t really been using for a few years now. That’s why you don’t see it reflected in our latest images. Mostly it was due to “over processing” the images with Photomatix Pro.