13 June, 2011

The Setting Sun

2 bottle minimum:

When I arrived in Venice last week, I was exhausted. I really didn’t want to do anything. — This is rare for me too. I’m usually always amped up to go shooting. — So knowing that I had a few days to get the shots I wanted, I resolved to grab a few cheap bottles of wine and call it a day.

Before I went out though, I decided to check the weather. You know, just to help mentally plan the next few days of shooting… And then…

##@^^#@#ER#$# ARRGGHHH!!!! The forecast called for the next 10 days of solid rain! WTF?! Really?!

To make a long (and angry) story short, this is one of the few Photos that I shot last week in Venice, Italy. It was also one of the only spouts of real sun in a 10 day rainy spell.

On a little side note however, it turns out that my camera bag fits 2 bottles of wine inside the pockets. 😉

Daily Banana – The Setting Sun

Venice Italy - The Setting Sun

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Elia Locardi is an internationally acclaimed professional travel photographer, writer, public speaker and highly skilled educator who spends his life seeking out and capturing some of the most beautiful and inspirational locations in the world. Recently featured by Professional Photographer Magazine, CNet Australia, and Wacom USA, Elia has cultivated a highly engaged social media following of nearly 3 million people across Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram. On the road full-time, he teaches the Art of Photography here on www.BlameTheMonkey.com, collaborates with various brands, sponsors and tourism boards, and leads Photography Tours and Post-processing Workshops worldwide.

  • I used to use the technical mumbo jumbo you used to included. I found it to be very educational, any chance you can start including it with your photos again?

  • Hey Brad,

    I’m creating a whole section of the website that’s dedicated to the complete production process. Basically, all the info that used to be included with each photo will now be much more detailed and in one place.

    I should have this online soon. 😉

    • Great! Looking forward to it very much as your HDR photographs are very high quality shots.